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​MORE Married Conferences and Intensives

"As a former professional athlete and wife, seeking professional help during our time of crisis from someone that we felt could relate to us was very important; contacting Jerry Price was the best decision we could have made. Through his unique method of counseling, we found ourselves able to work through one of the most difficult issues a couple can face - infidelity. By teaching us how to be more open in our thinking, Jerry has helped us to develop a strong emotional bond; a bond that had once been severely severed."   Former NFL Player & Spouse

​"The money we spent on our marriage in this incredibly tight economy is the best investment we have ever made. Thanks for willingly jumping in the trenches with us. God bless you every moment of every day Jerry as you place yourself on the battlefield of the wounded souls out there." Bruce  & Carla

We came looking for help with our marriage and instead received a renovation of our lives. Jerry Price's program provides an extreme life makeover, restructuring the inner framework of the heart rather than the cosmetic effects of behavior, for anyone with the courage and openness to let it." Public Speaker and Radio Personality

​"I just want to thank you in helping me think more like a man. I now realize that my action dictated a lot of what happened in my marriage. Your insight gave us a new perspective." Former NFL Player & Spouse

​"The MORE Married Weekend was quite helpful to me. It was healing just to share the personal struggles in my life and marriage in a safe environment with insightful feedback. Another great things was hearing the struggles of a  few other couples and therefore being reminded that my wife and I are not alone in this journey." Glad to have participated. Business Owner & General Contractor

"Jerry has been such a HUGE help in our marriage."  Former NFL Player & Spouse

​"Looking at marriage as a journey, I feel as though the MORE Married Weekend was an integral part of our progress. Never have we spent so many hours delving into the past, present and future of our marriage and then experiencing the benefit of being examine by people who knew virtually every high and low of our relationship. I have never previously considered the immense benefit of being transparent to the point of having nothing left to hide. That openness laid the groundwork for a more intimate marriage. Today our marriage is better than it has ever been." International Sales Agent

"I have read many of the most highly recommended Christian books on marriage and have attended several of the best known Christian marriage conferences over the past 30 years, but Jerry and Judy Price's More Married Conference was without a doubt the most powerful, honest, real, and insightful marriage conference that I have ever experienced. All I can say is this is what today's Christian marriages desperately need. Thank you Jerry and Judy. K.F. Wisconsin

"We highly recommend Jerry as a counselor. Without him, we would not be married today. He got  us "out of the sewer" and taught us to be "real." Sign up for a MORE Married Weekend. It won't be  easy, but you will learn what it means to have an open, honest and loving relationship. Our marriage has improved 100% thanks to Jerry."  Kevin & Carol

"It would be inaccurate to say our marriage is better since we did the intensive work with Jerry. A much better description is to say our marriage is completely different. He skillfully brought us to the place of ownership regarding the "twistedness" we both brought to the relationship.  We are no longer a little boy and little girl striving with one another for validation but we are being used as a powerful force for good in each other's life."  Pastor & Wife


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