The STAR Energizer has been a valuable tool for me as I work with professional and elite athletes in transition to a fulfilling life beyond their sport careers. Kenneth F. Ruettgers Executive Director GamesOver.org: Where A New Season Begins

When we tried the Star Energizer, we had already done quite a bit as far as learning about each other's strengths and weaknesses and sometimes divergent perspectives. The Star Energizer gave us a different angle from which to deal with these things. We appreciated the thought-provoking results, and that there was an opportunity at the website to go further. The biggest benefit came from the discussions that ensued in the process - both as to what each of us thought the words meant, as well as where we agreed and disagreed on scoring them for each other. Anonymous Married Couple

The STAR Energizer provided me with a concise and accurate picture of my patterns of thinking and how they impact my relationships. The 'Drainers' effectively identified relational patterns in need of transformation while the 'Energizers' offered a blueprint for achieving those changes. I would recommend the Energizer to anyone who seeks to have more meaningful and successful relationships.​ Jeff Palmer Wisconsin License Professional Counselor

I have known Jerry Price personally and professionally for over 18 years and recently took his STAR ENERGIZER assessment. The ENERGIZER is a great tool for a number of reasons. First, it is very simple to use and can be completed in a short amount of time. Second, it is amazingly accurate. When I got the results, my reaction was, 'That's me! How did Jerry do that?' Third, the results are clearly presented in detail--both graphically and with written text. And Jerry is readily available to enhance this part of the assessment through direct consultation if desired. After speaking with Jerry about my results, I understood how I can apply them to more successfully tackle a long-standing problem in my life. T.H.

After taking the Star Energizer, I was able to see that I am sometimes my own worst enemy and began trying to put concepts of the STAR Energizer to work at home and in the work place. I saw that a wounded spirit caused me to spiral downward where I lost focus and started compensating with an irresponsible, emotionally draining, knee jerk reaction to my spouse and others. I always came out on top, or so I thought, until I saw what that cost me in my relationships. Recognizing Energizers vs. Drainers is a key to successfully relating to yourself and others. D.N.

       The STAR Energizer Evaluation   www.starenergizer.com 


The STAR (acronym for Straight Thinkers Accept Responsibility) Energizer - an online tool designed and developed by Jerry Price - stimulates people to discover who they are to encourage success in their relationships and endeavors. It is neither a personality inventory nor a psychological evaluation, but rather an assessment tool measuring our emotional response to the way we think about being successful.

When someone interested in relationships wants to produce at higher level corporately, personally, or spiritually, this online evaluation targets the place where success begins--IN THE MIND. It encourages successful thinking to promote responsible decision making and experience what our hearts long for. When we understand how we're thinking, we can better see where we're really headed on any life stage.


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