​Marital Openness
​R​outinely Expressed​​   


Do you long for more in your marriage? MORE Married addresses core issues and goes boldly where most tend not to go: addressing real pain. With marriages at risk, the MORE approach sees an 70% restorative success rate.

Available for Conferences, Weekend, Individual or Couple Intensives,  MORE Married uses a Biblical/Relational approach in understanding the restorative dynamics behind marriages committed to struggling for true intimacy and authentic love. The MORE Conference​ is non-threatening where couples can reflect without the pressure of self disclosure in group participation.

If you are you ready for insightful and practical tools to enjoy new levels of intimacy and richness; to experience marriage as God intended, contact to HOST or attend a MORE Married Conference.​

We at MORE Married believe it's possible to have Marital  Openness  Routinely  Experienced. To assist you in building a marriage that's better today than yesterday, the MORE Married Conference is a journey worth taking.

Topics include:

How Marriage Started - The Direction of Relationship  

How & When It All Fell Apart - The Distortion of Relationship      

​The M.O.R.E Process for Developing Martial Openness              

The I.C.E Talk on the Declaration of Sex in Marriage                                    

The Grid Work for Martial Maturity-Discovering Relational Styles  

The Marital Report Card - Discerning Movement Toward Oneness

MORE Married Philosophy

"There's no superior to inferior comparison between husband and wife. When God said, "Let's make man in our image, the Trinity is co-equal in power and glory. I believe any attempt to make man superior to women in the marriage relationship, is an attack against the Trinity."  Jerry Price

​The MORE Married journey begins where we understand this concept first. Discovering and accepting how each member of the Godhead functions differently and yet remain co-equal is also to be reflected in the institution of marriage. Therefore, we at MORE Married plow up how the man and woman can function to reflect God and his love. We look inside and out to build a better marriage today than yesterday.

​MORE Conferences​

MORE Married Conferences require a minimum of 25 couples attending and combine a biblical/clinical approach to the restorative dynamics behind marriages committed to struggling for authentic love.

The conference format is a non-threatening teaching environment where couples can reflect without the pressure of self disclosing. When the conference is completed, couples will have insightful and practical tools to help shrink marital shadows threatening  an open, honest and loving marriage. The conference is a one day 6 hour commitment event. Connect with us by selecting Contact on the menu for more details.

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M.O.R.E. (Marital Openness Routinely Experience) MARRIED (Live) is a journey to strengthen marriages, where you'll gain productive insights biblically and practically into the process of what it takes to struggle for authentic love. You'll find Jerry uses humor to keep the teaching fresh and palatable.

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