MORE Married Couple Intensives

MORE Married Intensives are highly focused counseling for couples who want privacy and confidentiality to work through issues creating the crisis in their relationship. Check out What People Are Saying on the MORE MARRIED menu to see how marriages are helped in moving toward greater levels of intimacy and commitment.
The Counseling Process​  
A 6 hour commitment

     A couple history is taken and the "Presenting" issue leading up to the intensive is examined.


     A Philosophical Understanding of the Marriage Relationship is built by using a clinical/spiritual foundation for showing where relational struggles will be and how to overcome them; Identify Roles played (unconscious) keeping the marriage from moving toward greater harmony.

     Discovering how each partner thinks successfully or unsuccessfully in their decision making through using an internet tool developed by Jerry Price called The STAR Energizer on


     A “Marital Interpretation” is developed from the Evaluations to give greater insight for removing relational distance in the marriage.

     Finally, a strategy to experience being more married than before is constructed to give hope for moving toward marital maturity.

Fee Structure For Intensive

The Standard Intensive includes cost of travel, per deim, lodging and Fee to facilitate the intensive. 

STEP 1) Contact Jerry Price for an interview and potential intensive. 

​STEP 2) After interview, remit the preliminary remuneration online by using the buy now button to secure your marital intensive.

STEP 3) After receiving ID codes from Jerry Price, complete the Partner Evaluations on two weeks before your scheduled intensive.


STEP 4Remit remainder of the Standard Intensive Fee at the beginning of the marital intensive by check to Jerry Price, or by using the Buy Now Button below


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