Transforming Thought Ministries VISON: Serving and consulting ministry organizations to encourage open and honest cultures that advance the redemptive and reconciliatory work of Jesus Christ.


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​​Jerry talks about his passion for Transforming Twisted Thinking where marriages and families can be restored in cultures of openness and honesty, with a love that comes from God. 


"Jerry Price helps people and organizations discover what it takes to improve and restore their relationships. With proven methods, Jerry's various processes help people find where they are and enables them to make plans on where they need to go."


                                                    Paul Ruettgers

"Jerry Price has some incredible insight into the mind of a human being. I have learned a great deal about myself by recognizing the motives behind what I do. After taking the STAR evaluation I was able to take an honest look at the holes in my swing. It's a great starting point to the person who wants to become open and honest before God and others."

                                                   Brian Hommel
                                                   Unlimited Potential Inc.
                                                   Chaplain of the Arizona Diamondbacks

Creator of pathway concepts Online digital courses 


Provides A Team Treatment program for Marriages at risk





CREATOR OF THE STAR ENERGIZER an ONLINE assessment tool measuring our emotional response to the way we think about being successful AND RESPONSIBLE 

Co founder of 2Brealmen initiative base camp forums

bible teacher and author

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Get ready to understand how you think and why you do what you do. Transforming Twisted Thinking has the potential to rock your world!
Tom Roy Author of Release and President/Founder of UPI, Inc.

Reflection is a primary gift from Jerry as he entertains the reader through a wonderful process of learning. 

Joe Urcavich PhD  Former Chaplain for the Green Bay Packers


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